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My First Book

  My mother went to London in June 1946 soon after WWII was over. She met Josephine from Manchester at Highgate Youth hostel while washing up. Their friendship developed into a lifelong relationship. My mother kept all Josey’s letters and later this year one of her sons and my husband and I will publish a book on this collection of […]

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Sculptures by Constantin Meunier

I had never heard the name of this Belgian sculptor Constantin Meunier (1831-1905) when I came across him at the Musem der Bildenden Kunst in Leipzig, Germany. The realistic and modern look got me interested. It seems that Constantin Meunier’s style of art could be the Art Nouveau as he lived and worked in that period. In the Leipzig museum, […]

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Scandinavian Life in the 1950s

Every year I take part in a Half Marathon in Gothenburg in Sweden which gives the opportunity to see something new. Kortedala is a suburb of Gothenburg in Sweden. There you find the Kortedala Museum which is a flat in a compartment building created in the 1950s with everything needed at the time: Shops, parks and playgrounds. After some years […]

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