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Courage to Speak Up

Originally posted on Silver Lining Mama:
To speak about courage is not so hard. I’ve been writing about courage in this blog since the year started. But to speak about your own courage, your own fears and your personal journey…those are much harder. It takes guts to share personal stories to the public, whether in your blog or a different platform. I am deeply touched whenever a blogger would share -and allow me to reblog it here- about such stories. Thank you, Maria, for sharing your own “long journey to overcome fear”. Her story brings to light another common fear, something I also battled with in my younger years –the fear of speaking up. This covers a wide range of scenarios, including but not limited to: Speaking up to a large crowd. Quick trivia: public speaking is the #1 fear. It seems strange that people would rather die than speak in public, but it’s real…and relatable. Speaking up for yourself. To stand up for yourself, your beliefs, your opinions, your cause. This kind of courage gave birth to many of our heroes, saints, and advocates and other icons in our history books. Speaking up to someone. These are the little moments in our everyday life when we are confronted by someone. Usually we are unprepared that it is only after such encounters do we realize what we should have said something better, that we should have said something at all. I’d like to focus on the 3rd fear –the fear to speak up to someone. This is a basic fear but powerful if…

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My Long Journey to Overcome Fear

Inspired yesterday by reading the courage challenge by blogger “Silver Lining Mama” I have decided to give my contribution. Overcoming fear in my personality has been an issue my whole life. What struck me yesterday while reading her post was that you have to know your enemy to conquer it. My fear enemy goes back to early childhood. My father was a […]

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