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More Sights in The National Mall in DC

Part Two Last week, I ended my walk at the Martin Luther King Memorial. Very close to that and still separated is The Korean War Veterans Memorial dedicated in 1995. From the homepage of the Korean War Memorial: The Korean War Veterans Memorial consists of multiple structures that honour those who sacrificed during the three-year conflict (1950-1953) that was the […]

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Seen in The National Park in DC

Part One I showed you some war statues last week, and now we will take a walk in the National Mall with the many Memorial Parks. I would like to start with the impressive Thomas Jefferson Memorial at The Tidal Basin and The Potomac River. Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826. Franklin D. Roosevelt took the initiative to have this white neo-classical marble memorial […]

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The 74th Anniversary of The Danish Police being deported to German Kz camps

September 19, 1944 Today is the 74 anniversary of the German occupiers to catch the Danish police corps. The German didn’t have confidence that the Danish police would be loyal to them in guarding buildings in danger of being sabotaged. Those who didn’t manage to go into hiding were deported to German concentration camps. My father was among the captured, though […]

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