My Aunt Eva

  My aunt’s four boys, my cousins   Born in 1921 Aunt Eva would have been 95 years old today the 4th of February had she been alive. My grandmother Asta and her firstborn Eva, May 1921 As a child, I admired my mother’s sister Eva. She was full of humour, and she had four lively boys. Three of them […]

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The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen 

From La Sylphide 2011 at the Danish Royal Ballet photo from the brochure

It’s the World’s Live Ballet Day and our royal ballet sent a “live” scene from the “Giselle” production. The ballet master Nicolaj Hübbe instructed two male solo dancers in their part in one of the acts. The studio is small and is the place where many famous ballets were created under the roof of the theatre.   When my parents […]

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Old English Prams

Twice I have been at the Royal Library in Copenhagen to scan the old catalogs from different Danish pram firms from the last century. It’s been so interesting to see the many firms competing on making the most beautiful models. I am sure that those who did the original ones must have been frustrated many times as their models were […]

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