My coach makes us feel like champions

Due to a shoulder problem I have to do some training in water. I have been there about three times and this young well-trained coach really gives us the feeling that we are training for the Olympic Games !

In Umbrien Italy near Spoleto

In Umbrien Italy near Spoleto

We are a lot of middle-aged women and one gentleman. That’s normal on any kind of  training class.

He shows us with eager movements how to do everything perfectly in the water and jumps up and down into the water to show us.

He looks around to see if we follow him and corrects us with a loud voice, encouraging when we are good and demanding us to do better when that is needed.

Mike and me at DGI training center

Mike and me at DGI training center

I never thought that this would be anything more than helping my shoulder to recover. But this Mike is a rare example of an encouragement and takes it serious to help us to do our best and I have decided to show up to his classes long after my shoulder is back to normal.

After one and a half year my shoulder was as good as before!

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