Christiansfeld, an extraordinary town in Denmark

In the southern part of Jutland where I live there is a town grounded by German protestants at the time of the American Revolution. The pioneers had been persecuted in Southern Europe for their beliefs. They spread to many places after Johan Huus was burnt alive for his views in the 1400s. They were called the Brethren Congregation

Two weeks ago, my husband Henry and I spent a day in the area to celebrate the Reuniting of Denmark as we in 1920 got a big piece back from a lost war in 1864 to the Prussians. Christiansfeld happened to belong to Germany when we lost the battle. In 1920 our King Christian X rode on his white horse a ride from the old border and to Christiansfeld where he greeted the Brother Congregation as the church is called.



Our king at the time in 1773, Christian VII accepted the congregation from Germany to built a new city complete with buildings for many purposes and the church in the middle.

Today, Christiansfeld is a unique example of town planning with long, straight lines and impressive architecture and since July 4, 2014, UNESCO World Heritage.

Christiansfeld is both an exceptional town built on idealistic moral principles and stands as a memorial for the reunion of lost Danish land after WWI

The Graveyard and the Park for the Reuniting of the lost country in 1920

The small town is a tourist magnet and also known for its honey cakes coated with dark chocolate.

At Christmas, many people drive a long way to take part in the church services that are characterised with singing lots of hymns.

At this time in July, a sweet scent of lime trees fills the air in the alleys.



    • Yes, Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries. The German protestants were invited to come because they were industrious, hardworking people and because their faith was similar to our State Church

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