How The Skagen Painters Entered My Life

A Guest Blog Hello, my name’s Juliette, but I blog as Helsinki-Budapest because right now that’s my life. I moved to Budapest from Helsinki, and am now ready to move back to Helsinki before the end of the year. I’m what is known as a Cross Culture Kid: French passport, Hungarian heritage on my father’s side, identify as French-American-Hungarian. I […]

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How to BEST fight the good fight!

equestrian, Henri IV, Henry 4th, Paris, Statue

Recently I found myself going back to a very well-known passage of scripture. As soon as the passage came to mind, however, it was followed by a second thought: “I already know what I’ll find.” We think that because it’s a familiar passage, it‘s less able to teach us something new. That’s rarely the case when we’re honestly reading the […]

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Market Day in Tuscany

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Tuscany? If you’ve never been, but have done even a preliminary internet search, you’ll like have seen images of tiny hill-top villages perched above olive groves or vineyards and narrow, winding roads lined with upright Italian cypress trees. You’ll definitely see all of this on your way to, or through, Tuscany. One such hilltop […]

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