Market Day in Tuscany

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Tuscany? If you’ve never been, but have done even a preliminary internet search, you’ll like have seen images of tiny hill-top villages perched above olive groves or vineyards and narrow, winding roads lined with upright Italian cypress trees. You’ll definitely see all of this on your way to, or through, Tuscany. One such hilltop […]

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What Should You Say to Someone in Crisis?

But before you start, there are a couple of pieces of background to keep in mind. Crisis, like grief, creates different reactions that can fluctuate rapidly or slowly. They can be numbness and disbelief, confusion or inability to make a decision, fear or panic, anger, worry, a sense of loss, hurt, depression before resolution occurs. This will be true whether the crisis is a lost job, lost marriage, wayward child, or grappling with a serious illness or a death.

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