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Day 7: Hook ’em with a quote

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer a German priest and resistant during Hitler’s regime. He could have stayed in U.S.A. during the war where he was teaching, but he felt he had to go back and be among those who fought against Hitler. The last two years before the war ended he was in prison  and in 9 of April 1945 he was hanged  39 years old […]

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Apple Orchard

Today I visited an apple orchard in the country side an hour’s drive from me. I wanted to buy apples in a big load and to see them hanging on the trees. I suppose that the petrol spent got the price up. But it was worth it to get the apples and the pictures. At home I cooked some of them and made an apple cake with whipped cream and oat crumbles. I forgot to make a photo of that, but it was good. A Danish traditional dessert.

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A story in a single image

Today’s assignment is to make a story from one picture given my our Word Press writing course staff. In Denmark most of our Jewish population of 7000 was saved from the Nazi persecution. All took place in a few days in October 1943, coincident with the Jewish holy festival Rosh Hashanah. You can read more about it here from this link. Eighty […]

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